Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sound the Alarm!

I, along with colleagues, and thousands of others received an email message about "Sounding the Alarm" on Global Warming on Monday, September 21st at Noon from the World Wildlife Fund. This call to action is not only important, it's the right thing to do. I hope you will take part and be sure to email and call your elected officials!

Here's what we received:

SOUND THE ALARM: A Climate Wake Up Call for our Senators

At noon on Monday, September 21, WWF would like for you to Sound the Alarm on climate change and join thousands of people from all around the country in calling their state's Senators urging them to vote "yes" on the Clean Energy & Security Act they are scheduled to vote on this fall.

Sound the Alarm coincides with world leaders descending upon the United Nations the week of the 21st to discuss climate change. It is part of suite of events happening around the world that will raise awareness to the need for impactful domestic legislation and a new global treaty that lowers our collective carbon emissions.

Calling your Senators is the most important way for your voice to be heard on this issue. It's fast and easy, and most importantly it works. Please set your alarms for noon on Monday, September 21 and tell your Senators that you need them to vote "yes" on the Clean Energy & Security Act.

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