Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Creative sustainability

Now, I know it's WAYYY too early to be thinking about Christmas this year (my Dad doesn't do his shopping until December 24th), but with fall encroaching upon us, I've felt the need to get back into my crocheting and knitting. Since I'm not really quick at it, if I want to make gifts for my family and friends, I have to start now. I've already made them throw blankets, scarves, and socks, so I wanted to try something new this year.

Why not make decorative knit or crocheted bags for my loved ones? I can make them now, relatively quickly, and use them instead of wrapping paper to wrap their holiday gift. I could also fill them with homemade holiday baked goods that cut down on packaging and manufacturing needs, all while saving money in order to travel to them for a visit.

You can make this a group activity, learning tricks and sharing stories, by finding a knitting or crocheting group here in Ithaca, or wherever you're traveling. Try attending a Knitting, etc. (in the Triphammer Mall) Knitter's Happy Hour, the first Friday of every month from 5-7p.m. If anyone knows of other knitting groups here in the Ithaca area, please feel free to comment or open up your group to invite others here, and tell me what you're doing to promote creative sustainability this holiday season.

Finally, I'll close with links to a couple patterns I found for cute decorative bags. These aren't the ones you pack binoculars in for your father or uncle, but hopefully they'll spark some ideas!

The Amelia Bag
All Occasion Tote Bag (perfect for the grocery store or bakery)

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