Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I guess it’s a little bit difficult to put down into words everything that I have been able to take away from this project. Its different too; This wasn’t a math project where I spent the entire semester piecing equations together, I was doing my part to make a difference in the world. Its weird to think about that on a broader scheme. Mostly because before this project I never thought that anyone in their right mind would possibly listen to what I had to say about global climate change. So what have I learned from this whole thing? The cure for world hunger? The end to poverty? Its much more simpler than that. I’ve learned that I have to start small. Not “we”, not “us”; I. It starts with one. That’s all it takes. I guess that throughout my life I’ve depended on other people too much. But ill tell you what, I am not going to leave this climate change mess all up to my kids.

Now for the “we part”. We, as a community, as a population, as a union, need to stand up for what we believe in. we need to change the way that we live and the way that we view life. Its easy to slap that “buy local” sticker onto your car, but unless you are willing to make a change, unless you are willing to help others make a change, you might as well just hop into your gas guzzling SUV and bring it to the dump, because its not worth a thing. That isn’t to say that small gestures such as bumper stickers are meaningless. On the contrary. I believe that any way to get your message heard is a good way. But I also believe in taking action.

So the next time you go to Wegmans, splurge for the reusable bags. Hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

-Kelsey Gleason, Cornell University Student

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