Tuesday, January 15, 2008

China Saves 37 Million Barrels of Crude Oil...

Beginning on June 1, 2008 there will be no more "free" or "ultra-thin" plastic bags in China. Really? China? China is following in the footsteps of Uganda, Ireland, South Africa and San Francisco! The banning of these plastic bags is going to save the Chinese 37-million barrels of crude oil each year! That's impressive! Why can't we do that here?

In the Fall of 2007 I gave up plastic bags! I had seen and heard all about what was happening on our planet, and still I did nothing. I somehow believed, but was not yet commiteed to making a change. Then I met a group of students from Cornell. These kids really cared and were passionate about this. After a discussion I had with them I went out and bought my first set of cloth grocery bags. They convinced me. Seeing Al Gore's, An Inconvenient Truth didn't convince me, watching CNN's, A Planet in Peril didn't convince me, but a group of college students were able to convince me in 20-minutes. If only they were able to sit down with the governments of the world and tell them what they told me. Perhaps some of them would listen.

-Billy Kepner, PRI/Museum of the Earth

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Jenny said...

That's pretty inspiring! I hope that I, being a University student in New Brunswick Canada, can inspire those around me to do the same!