Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wear a Sweater Day -- I'm wearing pants! (and they're flannel-lined)

Today is National Wear a Sweater Day! Check out this PSA from a friendly Canadian grandma:

And check out more grandmas and more information on The National Sweater Day Website. It is Canadian in origin, but I'm sure no one will complain if some of from the States join in. I am.

As a telecommuter, I'm generally seen by my colleagues in a head and shoulders view (via Skype). I sometimes tell them that I'm not wearing pants. The reality is that (at least in the winter) I wear pants everyday, and generally they are flannel lined. And very comfy. Most workdays, I'm alone in the house, and sit in my study with its nice big south-facing window. With the sun low in the winter sky, the room stays warm even though we've set our programmable thermostat to set back to 64 during the day on weekdays. And, I've got the flannel-lined jeans, and a sweater. If it's cloudy, I usually have a blanket on my lap too.

Insulating me is both better for the environment and cheaper than heating the whole house for one person. The same is true of the set back thermostat, which I installed myself in less than an hour that also included feeding kids lunch and other distractions. The warmest it runs is 67, and maybe we should all be in sweaters...

For a more detailed look at personal insulation, check out Insulation: first the body, then the home in the awesome Low-tech Magazine.

I'll leave my summer attire a mystery.

Don Duggan-Haas

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