Friday, September 24, 2010

A Wine Vending Machine?

I often have dinner parties and everyone brings a bottle of wine.  At the end of the night the empty bottles are put in the recycle bin -- making their carbon footprint that much bigger.  Imagine being able to go into a store with your own container and purchasing a nice merlot -- just take the nozzle and put it in your reusable bottle/container and fill!  Sounds great doesn't it?

It seems that some smart folks in France have been pioneering this process at a few grocery stores, and are planning to bring it stateside in the new year.  Not only does this machine cut down on the carbon footprint of your bottle of wine, but it's also a money saver.  A liter of wine is about $2!  That's enough reason for me to say let's go green!

Check out the whole article and a very cool picture here: French Wine Vending Machine .

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