Friday, August 6, 2010

Being Green at the Beach...

In July I spent 10 days at the beach...I wanted to escape everything - life, work, and just relax. I found that to be very hard. The reason why -- litter bugs! Golly, the amount of trash that people just leave on the beach. Yes, just leave. Can you believe it? People leave garbage on the beach! I was flabbergasted. Not only that, I was amazed by the number of folks that just saw people leave and A.) said nothing, and B.) didn't bother to pick up the stuff after the others had gone.

Which leads me to this...A.) Yes, I did remind some folks that they had garbage to pick up, and B.) I did pick up some trash that others had left behind. I realize that dealing with garbage is never fun -- candy wrappers, half eaten sandwiches, ciggarette butts and the like are gross, but we made it happen. It's our responsibility to pick it up!!!!!!! So, while I was lying on the beach I was thinking about what we can all do. If everyone just committed to taking out what we bring in -- No Problem! Here's some tips to make that easier.

We all have plastic bags from a variety of stores. As much as we try we still have them. Here's a great re-use for them. Bring three bags with handles to the beach, lake, or playground with you. One bag for cans/bottles, one bag for papers, magazines, and the like, and then another for real trash. Done! How simple is that? Seriously -- anyone can do it. Dump your garbage in the garbage can on site, take your recyclables home with you and your done! You just saved some sea bird from choking on a piece of trash. Don't you feel better?

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