Friday, July 2, 2010

Have a "Green" 4th of July!

The 4th of July is arguably my most favorite holiday. First of all -- I love the summer and the 4th is a perfect way to celebrate the season. I love getting together with family and friends enjoying the weather and lots of BBQ's. Did I mention that I love BBQ's? Seriously I love to grill.

As I've grown older, I've begun to realize how much waste there is associated with picnics and said BBQ's. One of the things I've done is to make a conscious effort to take steps to be more green. I no longer buy paper plates, or disposable utensils. It actually seems wasteful.

It's quite nice to be sitting on a blanket in the shade having a delicious meal and not trying to balance a flimsy paper plate on your lap. Instead, I have a "real" plate and "real" silverware! It's almost decadent. I always bring a couple kitchen towels in my basket to have on hand to wipe off my dirty plates, glasses, and utensils. I no longer buy bottles of water, but I bring a big thermos filled with ice water. Once I learned how much goes into making the bottles for the water and how many end up in landfills -- I have really curtailed my bottled water habit.

This works for me and these steps -- although pretty simple -- might not work for you and your family. That all said, I came a cross 8 Tips for Being Green on the 4th of July and I thought I would share them:

1. Ditch the disposable party ware
2. Get outside!
3. Use propane for grilling
4. Save and reuse your decorations
5. Opt for greener fireworks
6. Gather in groups
7. Use large water containers
8. Recycle

Most everything (if not all) from this list is super easy to do. Do what you can and have a safe and happy holiday!


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