Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break Looms...

Many of us with children in our lives find ourselves anxiously awaiting Spring Break. May it be because we are excited to have a week with the kids home from school, or dreading that the kids are home from school for a whole week -- no matter what -- we have to find something for us all to do!

Spring Break is a great opportunity to find ways to teach our kids how to be better stewards of the environment. One of the big "events" I'm doing with my niece over break is visiting our local attractions (the Museum of the Earth included!) via our local bus. There's no reason to drive when TCAT makes hourly stops at the Museum and other locations through out the area. It's a simple way of being just a bit more green!

I also found a whole list of 9 ways to to turn trash to crafts and I'm so going to try them out...There is nothing worse than when my niece looks at me and says she has nothing to do and that she's bored! I'm hoping that during this week we'll get at least two of these crafts done!

Here's the link:

If you and your family do any "green" activities over Spring Break send me the pictures and we will feature them on the blog! (

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