Monday, July 20, 2009

Activism in Ithaca

PRI and the Museum of the Earth have a responsibility to explain the science behind issues of political controversy, such as evolution and global climate change. Scientifically, the evidence is there, we know human-made climate change is really occurring today and the effective means of curbing additional change in the future. Politically, we cannot offer advice about what choices you should make as an individual.

However, in places like blogs and in the Ithaca Journal, we are able to highlight occasions and groups where you can become informed politically, or become active in your chosen ideals. Climate change is a real scientific phenomenon. How, or if, you choose to address it is your decision, and on July 23rd you can chat with some local activists to see what your choices are politically. Below we've highlighted an event happening this week in Dewitt Park, right here in Ithaca. For or against government involvement in climate change solutions, this is the place to discuss it!

There will be a demonstration on Thursday July 23rd
at DeWitt Park at 5pm in support of a
STRONG and CLEAN energy bill. The local
MoveOn council has planned this demonstration primarily to encourage Senator Gillibrand
to keep the Clean Air Act intact in the Senate version of the bill. Please help spread the word.

Senator Gillibrand is a member of the Senate Environment and
Public Works Committee, which puts her in a powerful position to influence the
bill. The Energy bill (ACES) is being
considered in the Senate now, and there are forces working to reduce its reach
and effectiveness. The version of the energy bill passed recently by the House
exempts coal-burning plants from the Clean Air Act?s regulation of carbon
emissions. But there is still time to influence the Senate version.

We urge you to join us at DeWitt Park
on Thursday 23rd to raise our voices in support of the Clean Air Act
and clean, renewable energy, bringing green jobs to our community. We will be wearing black with white dust
masks on our faces to symbolize our strong opposition to the weakening of the
energy bill. We encourage you to wear
green to symbolize the thousands of new green jobs that renewable energy will

Please come send a powerful message to Senator Gillibrand
that we support her efforts to strengthen the energy bill and keep it
clean! Bring signs, hard hats, drums,
whatever will call attention to the need for our senators to craft a good
energy bill. There will be petitions to sign, sample letters, contact information,
and concerned citizens.

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