Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How does Burger King feel about Climate Change???

I caught sight of an interesting article on Huffington Post earlier today.

Global Warming is Baloney

Apparently, some Burger Kings owned by a company called MIC allowed their employees to put up signs that said "Global Warming is Baloney." While the actual Burger King company promotes ethical and sustainable practices, obviously some of their franchise owners aren't as convinced.

The article brings to light some of the ironies in this dichotomy, too. Burger King has drive thru food service (hmm...not promoting sustainable transit), and their number one seller is the Whopper, full of yummy cow meat (lots of cows = lots of methane...also not sustainable). I'm compelled to agree with the author of the article above, at least these franchise owners are being honest.

From the perspective of a museum employee, I'm happy to see signs like this popping up on occasion. While in many ways its frustrating, as we try SO hard to educate the public on Earth Science, to see that we have much more work to do, it's also job security! In an economic climate like this, its great to know your job will be necessary for years to come.

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