Friday, April 17, 2009

Earth Day!

Saturday, April 18th 11am-3pm

Join us for a day of fun Earth-centric activities to celebrate our planet! We'll have games and activities for the whole family from 11am-3pm plus lectures, presentations, and prizes!

Noon - "Energy and Climate: Flip Sides of the Same Crisis " by Richard W. Allmendinger, Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University

Talk Description: The global climate crisis and rapidly approaching energy challenges are inexorably linked and must be treated as a single problem if we are to solve either one. Humans' voracious demand for energy means that hydrocarbons will continue to be our primary energy source through mid-century. Burning hydrocarbons produces atmospheric carbon dioxide, a well known and understood greenhouse gas. Prior to the industrial age and going back at least 650,000 years, atmospheric CO2 was never higher than 300 ppm. In just the last 50 years it has increased from ~315 to 380 ppm; even the most optimistic projections suggest that the concentration will increase to at least 500 - 700 ppm by the end of this century. The warming associated with such a rise in CO2 is difficult to quantify because of positive feedbacks and lag times. The results of significant warming could be profound just as the impact of failing to meet global energy needs would be enormous.

Presentations/activities from Roots and Shoots and Dilmun Farms.

Win "Green" prizes at trivia before and after the lecture.

Learn about resources to measure your ecological footprint and help end world hunger.

This event made possible with support from Wegmans

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