Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From the We Campaign...

The clock is ticking for clean energy. The federal tax credits that support investments in wind and solar power are about to expire. Instead of acting -- Congress keeps stalling.

Tell Congress to renew incentives for clean energy now.

If Congress lets these clean energy credits lapse, 116,000 jobs and $19 billion in investments for 2009 will be immediately at risk. The clean power industry has been a bright spot in our economy -- providing good jobs, relief from skyrocketing energy prices and solutions to the climate crisis. The industry is poised to make great leaps in scale. Inaction from Washington to slow this momentum would be a mistake -- and could lead investors back to the polluting fossil-fuel industries of the past.

Add your voice today. We'll deliver the petition to the leaders of Congress to demand a vote on our energy and economic future.

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