Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Crowdfunding campaign for sending Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change to teachers all over the country launched today!

High school students at the Western New York Climate Action Summit producing the greenhouse effect in a beaker.

Teaching climate change poses special challenges - climate change has not been a part of many teachers' preparation programs, and it is tightly connected to psychological, social, and cultural issues in ways that most other science content is not. We believe it is amongst the most important content to teach. 

Last month, PRI published The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change edited and largely written by Ingrid Zabel, Don Duggan-Haas, and Robert Ross. The book provides both a solid overview of the physical science, and discussions of and approaches to those special challenges of teaching this content.

The work was done with support from the National Science Foundation, allowing us to make the pdf of the 284-page book available free (click the button "Download full version" here), but we know that many people prefer real print books.
Today, we've launched a crowdfunding campaign to send print copies of the book to as many teachers as we can. This campaign is intended to help get meaningful, scientifically accurate materials into the hands of teachers. Please help us out. Donate if you can, and please spread the word about both the book and the crowdfunding campaign!

Here's the link: http://bit.ly/TeachClimateScience


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